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"We offer motorola Remote Key Repairs & motorola Replacement Key Fobs.

Remote Key Repairs are part of Automotive Electronics, we have been established for over 30 years. Our stock of obsolete and hard to get keys and cases are the envy of our competitors."
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Remote Key Repairs accept all forms of credit card payment by telephone
we accept all of the above forms of payment by telephone

motorola Remote Key Repairs & Replacement Key Fobs

Is your motorola key fob broken or letting you down?
Is it taking 5 minutes to turn off your immobiliser?

Remote Key Repairs is able to offer a repair service for your motorola remote keys or a replacement / refurbishment for your motorola key fob.

Motorola Replacement Key Fob

Motorola manufactures that use this type of touch key. Alarm key fob case and buttons are incorporated into this refurbishment together with new micro buttons and a new battery.

  is this your remote key or key fob?
supply of remote refurbishment kit (case only)  £N/A (+VAT +P&P)
complete refurbishment of your old remote key or key fob  £99.95 (+VAT +P&P)

Send Remote Key Repairs your old worn motorola key fob or remote key even if it is not working. We will rebuild it and return it to you ready to use, as good as new!

Where possible we can repair most car remotes with our motorola remote refurbishment service, or alternatively we can supply and program a new motorola remote to replace your old one.

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Please send Remote Key Repairs your old remote key or key fob to have it refurbished. The key fob you send to Remote Key Repairs must be the original key fob from your vehicle. This key fob needs to have worked with your vehicle at some point previously, otherwise we cannot guarantee your repair. Key fobs from other vehicles or purchased over the internet will not work with your vehicle.

Where possible Remote Key Repairs will re-attach your existing key blade to the newly supplied or refurbished key. Where this is not possible we will supply and fit a new blank key blade that will require cutting once you have received it. It will be the responsibility of the customer to have this new key blank cut to suit.

Alternatively you may wish to purchase our remote key repair refurbishment kit, which contains all of parts you require and fit them yourself.

Automotive Electronics provide a 12 months warranty on all new parts and a 3 month warranty on all refurbished parts or repaired key fobs. Automotive Electronics do not cover batteries under warranty or metal key blades that have been bent or damaged due to misuse or used for a purpose other than intended. Automotive Electronics do not offer a warranty on the key emblem, key fob emblem or remote emblem.

Remote key fobs are also known as key fob plips, key fob zappers, remotes, remote plips or remote zappers. Remote Key Repairs offer a complete refurbishment or reconditioning service for all your plips, zappers and remotes. Key fob reconditioning and remote key fob reconditioning is one of our Automotive Electronic services, we are also an immobiliser bypass and immobiliser repair specialists.

Automotive Electronics is the UK's leading mail order specialist, dealing with your remote key, key fob, remote control cloning, key coding and immobiliser problems. We were established in 1979 and each year our business goes from strength to strength. We operate three websites and offer a 24/7 service, repairing and replacing your immobiliser or remote keys. If you cannot see what you want on our website, please call as we are automotive electronic specialists and we can repair or replace most automotive electronic problems from most vehicle manufacturers.

Remote Key Repairs accept all forms of credit card payment by telephone
we accept all of the above forms of payment by telephone
remote key repair & remote key fob replacement
"The UK's leading mail order replacement key fob specialist "
Professional Key Fob Repairs
We will repair your remote key or there will be NO CHARGE that's our promise to you.
Don't go out and buy a new key fob or remote key costing hundreds of pounds when we can make it as good as new for a fraction of that. Remote Key Repairs & Replacement Key Fobs
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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We are the UK’s leading mail order replacement key fob specialist and remote control key repairers. 24hr repair service.